Mechanical Seals Failure Analysis

Mechanical Seals Failure Analysis is Expertise for our R&D Team in India

Mechanical Seals Failure Analysis


An option is to have a seal manufacturer performSeal Failure Analysis. We at Sealomech Engineering offer seal analysis on any seal of any make.

The organizations simply send their mechanical seal to the manufacturer’s engineering team, or if multiple seals need to be analyzed, they may come on-site to perform the root cause analysis.  With Sealomech Engineering as seal failure analysis, experts deliver a complete diagnosis of why the mechanical seal failed and what actions to take to prevent future failures. Our Team of experts who examine the seal can ensure that the ideal seal for the application has been selected. If not, they recommend alternate technologies.

Post the analysis, the manufacturing team will also help end users optimize their system conditions and achieve the best possible operation from their assets. Optimizing mechanical seal performance also improves shutdown to shutdown processes. This information, along with alternative proposals as needed, help end users prevent further failures and improve their return on investment.