Reliability and Maintenance

Reliability and Maintenance of Industrial Production Plants in India

Reliability and Maintenance of Industrial Production Plants


The reliability of Maintenance of any industrial plants depends on many factors; most of them are within the process plant engineers control namingly, for its, with its under our controls. The priority at Sealomech Engineering does not end at top class quality, but also includes user-friendly installations and a world class optimum service. Our experts at Sealomech Engineering maintain a high level of technical expertise, combined with their knowledge of processes and standards, guarantees in-depth advice. This in turn allows us to implement solutions that are not only technically safe but also reliable with minimizing the cost as well.

We are very much interested in taking up the mantle of implementation of PSM (process safety management) which is in our opinion is key to safety and profitability in any organization. The troubleshooting of Mechanical Integrity and Quality Assurance need to be understood in later and spirit to improve integrity and in turn the reliability of process equipment be it a pressure vessel, piping component, a furnace or Reactor. Understanding damage mechanisms to decide jobs to be performed during operations or in shutdown helps  in avoiding untimely failures and keep the plant in continuous operation. We have handled Inspection and Maintenance functions in shutdowns for upkeep of the objective of continuous and uninterrupted run of the plant.

We also had the opportunity to mentor, guide, train many engineers by providing them class room, on the job training and through detailed technical discussions along with Marcep Inc. since two decades.